The Evening Newsから落穂拾い

Arthur Hailey の"The Evening News" から、いくつか英語の表現について書いてきたが、そのほか目にとまって印をつけておいた言い回しを短く紹介したい。


- "It had dark window--the kind of glass where you can see out, but can't see in."

- "Dark windows, one-way glass."



The executive vice president accepted a half-dozen clipped sheets from Margot, perched a pair of half-moon reading glasses on his nose, and moved under a light.

「いかにも」といったデザインの老眼鏡だろう。辞書を見ると、half-moons といういい方もできるようだ。

●this side of

"I suppose that means you need to know tonight."
"Yes, but any time this side of tonight. You can call me at home."


読んだ本:The Evening News (Arthur Hailey)