dice の続きである。辞書を見るとこの単語が使われているイディオムは多くないが、その中で面白いと思ったのが load the dice である。


(~に)不利[有利]になるように仕組む(against [for] sb);


- 1. to manipulate a situation unfairly in order to obtain a desired result
2. to add weight to a die so that it always falls on the same side (informal)

- to put someone or something in a advantageous or disadvantageous position; affect or influence the result:
Lack of sufficient education loaded the dice against him as a candidate for the job.

- if the dice are loaded against someone, they are not likely to succeed
When I realized I was the only male applicant I knew that the dice were loaded against me.

このイディオムといい、先日取り上げた形容詞の dicey といい、「あてにならない」とか「いかさま」といった意味があるのは、さいころとの関連・連想から避けがたいことだったのだろうなあ、と改めて思った。

dicey が出たついでだが、fluke 「まぐれ」に -y がつくと形容詞の fluky (flukey) 「気まぐれ」になる。変わりやすい風向きを表す際にも使われるようだ。

- 1. obtained by chance rather than skill.
2. uncertain, as a wind.

- 1 : happening by or depending on chance
2 : being unsteady or uncertain used especially of wind

- 1. Resulting from or depending on mere chance.
2. Constantly shifting; uncertain: a fluky wind

最後にもうひとつ、no dice というイディオムが辞書に載っていた。

- used to indicate that there is no chance of something happening (informal)

- this result did not or will not happen.
The Giants could have made it an exciting ballgame, but no dice, they didn't even score.

- informal, chiefly N. Amer. used to indicate an unsuccessful attempt or request.

something that people say when you may not or cannot do something:
I asked if we could go to the party, but Mom said no dice.

- something that you say in order to refuse a request or to make clear that something is not possible
'Can you lend me ten dollars?' 'Sorry, no dice - I don't have any money with me.'