bummer という単語がある。ネイティブスピーカーと話していて耳で覚えた単語だが、最初は bomber と言っているのかと思った。

不定冠詞とともに使って、「不快な体験、期待はずれ、失敗」 a thing that is annoying or disappointing; a disappointing or unpleasant situation or experience という意味になる。間投詞的にも使われるようだ。

- any unpleasant or disappointing experience:
That concert was a real bummer.

- one that depresses, frustrates, or disappoints
Getting stranded at the airport was a real bummer.

- (chiefly slang) a disappointment, a pity, a shame.
That's a total bummer.

- something that is very annoying or inconvenient:
"I've left my wallet at home." "What a bummer!"

- I locked my keys in the car - bummer!

- flop: a failure


- (slang) an adverse reaction to a hallucinogenic drug

- the unpleasant aftermath of taking narcotic drugs, esp. frightening hallucinations or unpleasant physical sensations.


- Mid-19th century. Probably < German Bummler "idler, layabout" < bummeln "stroll or loaf around"

とあったが、この通りの「怠け者」 loafer; idlerという意味も bummer にはある。