buyers remorse

北朝鮮がミサイル実験をするのではと心配されているが、この問題を取り上げたトーク番組を聞いていたら、専門家が、北朝鮮について buyers' remorse という表現を使っていた。何となく想像はつくが、私が見た限り、見出し語で載せている辞書はなかった。

I think they have buyers' remorse over the September commitments they made to give up the nuclear programs.


ネットで検索してみるとかなりヒットし、それなりに使われていることがわかる。番組の音声とともに掲載されていたトランスクリプトは buyers' remorse としているが、buyers remorse, buyer's remorse などの表記もあった。


- Bitter regret or guilt over a purchase. We've all had it at one time or another. We bought something and then comes that nagging feeling. Did I do the right thing? Should I have gotten the larger one? Smaller one? For most of us, it's the most natural feeling in the world.

- Buyer's remorse is an emotional condition whereby a person feels remorse or regret after the purchase of an item. It is frequently associated with the purchase of high value items such as property, cars, etc. The common condition is brought on by an internal sense of doubt that the correct decision has been made.

- Pleasant as the dealer may be during the selling process, legally their obligation is over, and yours begins, when you sign on the dotted line and drive away. In most states consumer products are covered by 3-day Right to Rescind (buyer's remorse) laws.



- It is time for the buyers' remorse on Kerry (米大統領選の民主党候補) to set in.
- Has anybody else gone through a buyers remorse regarding their divorce?