blue-light special

前回 Billary について書いたが、この語を検索してヒットしたうちのひとつに、The Washington Post 紙の記事があった。その中に、次のようなくだりがある。内容は前回引用した Wikipedia と似ているが、それはともかく、ここに出てくる blue-light special とは何のことだろうか。

They once called themselves the "blue-light special," offering "two for one" -- two leaders for the price of one, quickly dubbed "Billary." That was back during Bill's 1992 presidential campaign, when Hillary was the first professional woman, a lawyer, heading for the role of first lady.

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この表現、手持ちの辞書には載っていなかった。そこでネットで調べると、「お買い得品(セール)」というような意味らしい。デパートの Kmart がバーゲンをするときに、かつて店内に青色灯を掲げたのに由来するようだ。参考記事をひとつ。


- Little did anyone know that the accompanying announcement, “Attention Kmart Shoppers,” would enter into the popular lexicon. Or that “blue-light special” would become a retail catch phrase for any bargain or special deal.

- In the early days of browsers, Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer battled for market share. Both browsers were free so they couldn't exactly offer a blue light special.

- The price is not exactly a “blue light special.”

- Problem was, no one was buying it, even at the blue light special.

- XXX is available on a $399 blue-light special.

- This is the ‘blue light special’ of French sparkling wine.



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